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TBI is an acronym for Traumatic Brain Injury. TBI is an injury from an external force that impacts parts of the brain that affects normal brain functions.

Head injuries can result in a TBI. Because our organization is focused on military veterans, the TBI that we provide treatment for most is from a military vehicle crash, explosions, blasts from rocket propelled grenades, IEDs, falls, explosive shockwaves, and impacts from military service. 

This is not a complete list of symptoms and if for educational purposes only.

-Lack of motivation
-Mood changes
-Blurred vision
-Difficulty organizing tasks (even daily to-do lists)
-Easily irritated/angered
-Headache/ringing in the ears
-Feeling anxious and/or sad
-Balance issues
-Lights, sounds, distractions sensitivity
-Impaired problem solving
-Easily overwhelmed/confused

All sorts of cool cognitive stuff.

PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  is a mental health condition that only develops after someone goes through or see life-threatening events. 

For many veterans, PTSD is a result of traumatic events they may have witnessed or experienced directly. They may experience troublesome and intrusive symptoms, such as reliving the event (flashbacks), hypervigilance (being worried that something or someone is going to hurt them), avoiding situations that remind them of the event, or experiencing increased negative thoughts and feelings.

This is not a complete list of symptoms and if for educational purposes only.

-Flashbacks of the event
-Seeing, hearing, or smelling something that causes the veteran to relive the event
-Avoids driving
-Avoids crowds
-Staying busy to avoid thinking about the event
-Feeling numb/lost
-Feeling of guilt/shame about the event
-Restless sleep (if sleeping at all)
-Difficulty concentrating
-Destructive behaviors like abusing drugs, alcohol, or even driving aggressively

Therapies, drugs, meditation.

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